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Successfully raise funds for charity organizations -- online and offline -- with easy, low-cost and effective communications.

Fundraising for charity organizations is primarily about building relationships. The best way to build relationships is through your communications: the messages you deliver to donors, prospective donors and grantmakers (including foundations, corporations and governments).

And, there's never been a better time (with Internet and social media marketing) for smaller and startup charity organizations to (inexpensively) build strong, interactive relationships with supporters through communications. Simple, extremely effective and low-cost communications.

Creating effective communications ...

  • strengthens ties with existing donors,
  • identifies and engages new donors,
  • increases donations from both audiences, and
  • is the key to all successful fundraising.

The trick is creating communications that really connect with your supporters on an emotional level. And that builds stronger, more enduring relationships with the people who sustain your organization.

I want to help you do that so you can help as many people as possible, enrich the community where you and your family live, protect our environment, create cultural and educational opportunities where none currently exists, provide a helping hand for those who need to get back on their feet ... and make this a better world for all of us.

Whether you're writing fundraising letters, non-profit grants, a donation thank-you letter, an email newsletter, creating fundraising websites or staging special events ... producing clear, concise, compelling, and credible communications will do more to raise non-profit funding than any other effort you can make.

This site was created to show you how to get donations for your charity organizations using simple yet successful communications. You'll find everything you need to know about friend-raising and fundraising for non-profit organizations,

  • how to raise funds on a shoestring budget,
  • non-profit fundraising ideas,
  • how to write fundraising letters,
  • a sample donation letter,
  • how to get foundation grants,
  • how to write grants,
  • where to find available grants for non-profits,
  • grant writing examples,
  • non-profit marketing ideas and strategies,
  • how to create a non-profit annual report,
  • thank-you letter examples,
  • special events,
  • social media fundraising,
  • how to write web content,

... and lots, lots more.

I spent the majority of my professional career at small, startup and mid-size nonprofits (and a national philanthropic foundation with current assets of more than $1.5 billion). Consequently, I have a special place in my heart for those of you struggling to raise the funds you need to fulfill your organizational mission. Usually on a shoestring (or nonexistent) budget!

Based on my own experiences during my 20 plus years in non-profit fund development, I've written articles about nonprofit fundraising and marketing that will help you raise more money.

All the articles are free.

Well-written communications ... persuasive copy designed to bring in donations (and other types of support) that enables you to maintain your organization and its mission ... are a cost-effective way to raise funds for charity organizations. With the Internet and social media, even the smallest and newest nonprofit can reach millions of constituents relatively inexpensively.

Just make sure your message is right for the particular audience ... and the message touches their hearts.

If you don't find what you're looking for at, send me an email (use Ask Me a Question on the left sidebar), and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

I promise never, ever to pass your email address to anyone. No one. Not ever. You have my word on that.

Just so you don't think I've lost my mind ... you will find articles where I used non-profit and nonprofit, fund-raising and fundraising to coincide with the search terms you used to find my articles.

This is SEO (search engine optimization), and I'll write some articles explaining how SEO is part of the nonprofit marketing equation.

So, you'll find articles written about nonprofits. Another about non-profits. Another about fundraising, and another about fund-raising. That's just good SEO.

An Annual Appeal Letter - What GuideStar and I Want You to Know  Read my article about the importance of an end-of-year annual appeal letter and an excellent article posted on the GuideStart blog that picked up my post.

Sample Donation Request Letter: 1925 Sample Donation Letter That Still Works  Free Sample Donation Request Letter. This classic sample fundraising request letter was written in 1925 and had a 100% response. Use the same copywriting secrets and write the perfect donation letter.

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Writing a Donation Request Letter that Brings in More Donations  How to write a donation request letter. Use the 4Cs to write your fundraising leters and you'll create a donation letter that's guaranteed to get results.

Non-Profit Grants: Everything You Need To Know To Get Grants For Non-Profits  Non-Profit Grants: Free grant information, including how to get grants, where to find available grants for non-profit organizations, sample grants, and recommendations for grant writing courses.

Where to find available grants and where to find nonprofit grants.  Finding available grants isn't difficult if you know where to look. Learning how to get grants is knowing where to find grants and the free grant information you need.

Grants For Nonprofits - Nonprofit Best Practices: Creating A Case For Support  Free nonprofit fundraising ideas - how to create a case for support when writing grants for nonprofits.

Grants for Non-Profits - 8 Types of Non-Profit Grants Awarded By Foundations  Free grant writing information. What you need to know about grants for non-profits, foundation grant writing and the different types of foundations' grants so you can write more successful proposals.

How to be a Grant Writer: 143 Tips and Tricks for Writing Foundation Grants  Tips and tricks for writing foundation grants including where to find available grants for non-profits.

Ask Me A Question  Contact me or ask a question.

About Me  About Me is my personal page with a form to contact me.

How I Can Help You  Here are the professional services I provide that will help you raise more money for your organization.


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"Thank you for suggesting I send a one-page annual report with my annual appeal letter. It increased donations three-fold. Thanks!"
-- Kathy Ledbetter, Historical Society Executive Director

"I've been writing federal grants for years and appreciate How To Be A Grant Writer: 143 Tips and Tricks For Writing Foundation Grants. It brought me up to speed on foundation grants quicker than I could have done on my own. It's a great resource for any grant writer."
-- Renee Starkey, Grant Writer 

"The donation letter you wrote for us really nailed it! We raised a significant amount of money for our new children's center and owe it all to your letter. Thank you."
-- Jerre Simons, Director of Development

"We appreciate the research you did for us. You identified several grant sources our organization hadn't considered, and we're preparing grant proposals for each one now. We'll be back to talk about next year's funding cycle. See you then."
-- Melissa Howard, Chairman of the Board

"Hi Roberta. Thanks for the help with our website. It helped to have fresh eyes look at it and tell us where to add some copy."
-- Tim Cody, Volunteer